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Manager of Operations


Wylie-Crump Limited is a specialty commercial insurance brokerage with a focused approach and service model for the construction, design, and real estate industry.  The Manager of Operations is responsible for delivering the strategic vision of the company through the implementation and management of sound operational practices and reporting to the management team.


Leadership/Financial Responsibilities

  • Leadership of all day to day administrative and operational functions of the business
  • Manage monthly executive meetings to continuously move business processes forward
  • Inspire, guide and communicate directly with both the management team and employees consistently
  • Exhibit a leadership style that fosters a culture of innovation, creativity, accountability and collaboration
  • Lead, drive and support the business operations through Wylie-Crump’s overall strategy, operating plan, administrative budgets and processes
  • Perform financial measurements and analysis to establish operational matrix resulting in sound operational business and financial decisions
  • Prepare quarterly business and financial updates for management
  • Prepare meeting packages for Management meetings which outline the financial performance of the business
  • Supporting staffing needs for all departments and allocate compensation budget accordingly based on business needs

Business Operations Responsibilities

  • Develop and establish operating policies consistent with strategic vision and objectives of the company
  • Ensure that Wylie-Crump’s CRM system is implemented, audited, kept up to date and is generating reports to assist our employees and guide our client experience
  • Support the client experience through innovative IT solutions and operational best practices
  • Direct internal operations to achieve budgeted results and other financial criteria
  • Strategically identify problems/threats, analyzing risks and assessing outcomes related to potential solutions
  • Evaluate and take action of overall operations for quality control regularly and systematically
  • Safeguard company’s best practices while ensuring legal compliancy and establishing new ones to stay competitive
  • Participate in the development and preparation of short-term and long-range plans and budgets based upon broad organization goals and objectives
  • Employee recruitment and training program development.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or Economics
  • In-depth knowledge of business practices and processes
  • Experience at leadership/management level. Insurance brokerage experience or background in the commercial insurance industry would be considered an asset
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of implementing efficiencies to drive and improve quality
  • Strong initiative, leadership and strategic thinking abilities
  • Ability to work independently and with all levels of the organization
  • Exceptional communication, collaboration, and negotiation skills required to affect change and to build effective working relationship
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word


Established in 1972, Wylie-Crump has never followed the standard expectations of a traditional insurance brokerage. Starting with the early establishment of our company name, there never was a Ms. Wylie or a Mr. Crump, rather the founder of the company was seeking a name that stood out from the crowd.

In 2009 a new leadership of Wylie-Crump came forth, and our firm has become even more unique with its specialization and dedicated focus to the construction, design and real estate industries.

In 2018, we entered into the next chapter of our company story as Wylie-Crump became a Navacord Broker Partner.   Navacord is a Canadian-owned brokerage that was created to provide innovative risk management and insurance services to businesses from coast to coast. Their value proposition benefits Canada’s independent insurance brokerage community.

Through 2020 and 2021 the company has grown exponentially, and we are currently 26 employees and a gross premium volume of $56 million.   We are maintaining strong plans for continued growth and expansion, and to continue to be industry leaders in our specialized focus.


Wylie Crump’s mandate is to stand beside our partners to help build their companies and build our communities.


To create the leading risk advisory firm for our clients and our people.


To build the strongest relationships and create solutions for our 3 key partners: our people, our clients and our markets.


  • Beige is not our colour: We have a fun, energetic environment, not stiff.
  • Being part of Wylie, is being part of our family: We have a generous, supportive, caring culture.
  • Quality in everything we do. Quality is in our DNA. Without exception.
  • Success through collaboration – succeeding together as a team.
  • We are builders – We value entrepreneurialism, ownership, creativity, innovation and growth.

Customer Value Proposition:

  • We value our success by our client’s success.


To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to