Wylie-Crump is proud of its long history in the insurance and risk management industry. Over the years, Wylie has created innovative solutions for unique industry needs. The following are 3 custom crafted insurance programs we currently have under management for our clientele:

Employment Agents Program

In today’s litigious society, agencies are increasingly vulnerable to allegations of negligence, potentially resulting in crippling legal expenses even when claims are meritless. For this reason, liability insurance is a must whenever you’re acting on behalf of clients, candidates or placements.

Our Employment Agents Program protects your firm, its assets and reputation by transferring risk to an insurance company through a Commercial General Liability policy (CGL) and an Errors and Omissions liability policy (E&O). Where required, we can also provide standalone CGL or E&O liability policies.

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Travel Agents Program

Since 1975, our specialized insurance products have been helping Travel Agency clients manage property and protect themselves against third party liability. Highlights include:

  • Generous property insurance sub-limits at no additional premium
  • Long-term travel agents program providing extremely competitive, stable long-term premium rates
  • Compliant Errors and Omissions liability insurance (E&O) as required by provincial legislation combined with every general liability policy
  • Coverage via a well-respected, financially secure (A-rated) domestic Canadian insurer

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Conference + Special Events Program

Liability insurance is a critical component of any conference or special event, ensuring you won’t be held responsible for any injuries or losses that occur. Whether it’s a simple slip and fall or damage to the venue itself, our program protects your company from third party legal liability actions arising out of your event. Even if the lawsuit is groundless, our policy can help cover your defense and court costs.

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