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Press Release – Wylie-Crump names industry veteran Darlene Stevenson to lead operations as the company’s COO

Newly created role to facilitate the brokerage’s ongoing strategic diversification and growth

Vancouver, August 29, 2023Wylie-Crump Limited is pleased to formally announce the addition of Darlene Stevenson as Chief Operating Officer, a newly created role that is part of the firm’s commitment to its continued strategic growth.

Stevenson brings decades of insurance industry experience, with a focus on client service and operational leadership roles. Over her 30-year career with a global broker, she specialized in providing insurance and risk management solutions to public entities as well as project management and operations in Vancouver.  Most recently, Stevenson served as a Regional Operations Officer for Canada, with the objective of aligning Canadian operations to a North American business model.

“We were very diligent and selective to ensure we found the right individual that would align with our culture, our values and the direction we want to see the company move towards,” said Nolan Heuchert, managing partner at Wylie-Crump. “Darlene’s previous experience and skill set in these three areas is what makes her such a perfect fit for us; we are so excited to have her on board and are energized for the future of Wylie-Crump.”

Stevenson’s mandate as COO will be focused on facilitating Wylie-Crump’s ongoing change management while prioritizing people, processes and technology. A self-described ‘early adopter’ she is a trusted leader who enjoys working collaboratively with teams to continuously improve the delivery of client services.

“Both Wylie-Crump and Navacord have exceeded my expectations in how they welcome new colleagues, foster teamwork, share best practices and drive technology innovation,” says Stevenson. “Everyone is very eager to collaborate and our agility to make business decisions and deploy solutions in a professional way that centers around our clients is fantastic. I’m excited to be a part of this growing team.”

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