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Security Warning: Fraudulent Bonds

Individuals or organizations who may have received an unsolicited offer to purchase a bond from a Wylie-Crump representative or agent should exercise caution and due diligence. Wylie-Crump has been made aware that the Wylie-Crump brand is being fraudulently impersonated in a scam to sell financing bonds.

  • An unknown individual(s) claims to be an agent or representative of Wylie-Crump and offers to sell financial guarantee bonds in various international locations
  • The scam appears to target individuals based outside of Canada who have no pre-existing relationship to Wylie-Crump, nor any other company involved in the offer
  • The unknown individual(s) provide fake contact information for Wylie-Crump executives to build credibility and trust
  • Victims are asked to transfer funds into a fake “Wylie Crump Group” (or other Wylie-Crump variations thereof) bank account in exchange for a fabricated and fraudulent bond
  • If you have been contacted with an unsolicited offer to purchase a bond, we strongly encourage you to contact your local law enforcement agency.

Wylie-Crump has reported the scam to the Government of Canada’s Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre as well as the Vancouver Police Department.

For more information, please contact